Let’s Do This! 


I'm obsessed with my dog. You can see why here! I love bold color choices and things made with velvet. I love to celebrate. 

It’s really important that you feel excited and happy on your wedding day. Photos are all about emotions! They’re about capturing your emotions and about revisiting those emotions over and over again. That’s why my priority is helping you feel at ease. When you feel relaxed and you trust me then your mind can be on all of the stuff that really matters on your wedding day. Your day should be spent enjoying the time with your friends and family (and your new spouse of course!)

That’s why I like to invited my couples and their bridal party for an evening of board games or maybe an afternoon of kayaking! It helps everyone involved feel so much more comfortable on the wedding day, allowing you to focus on your day so I can focus on you!

I believe in celebrating you as you are. Contact me below and tell me what we're celebrating today. 


Photographer. Dog Mom.

Alpaca Enthusiast. Lemonade Connoisseur. 

The entire process exceeded my expectations.
— Evan